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Insights in RTC Testimonials

Feel the Love: A RTC Testimonial from Glenn Meier

​​Listen in as Glenn shares his experience working with Corey Blake as his coach and the beautiful love he has felt from the RTC family!

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​You Need to Get Your Story Told: A RTC Book & Publishing Testimonial

Carolynn Brooks shares the importance of family, trust, and integrity, which she found throughout her process with RTC.

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Susan Taylor Reflects on Working with RTC and the Beauty of Being Seen

​Listen in as Susan shares her experience working with Corey Blake as her coach and the love she has for RTC!

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Scott Winicour Reflects on Working with Round Table Companies

Scott shares his experience with Corey's core values work with his leadership team.

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It Was the Best Investment I've Ever Made: An RTC Coaching Testimonial

Suzie Carpenter shares about the intuitive connection she found with her RTC writing coach.

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It Has Been an AMAZING Experience

Listen in as Jackie Camacho-Ruiz shares her experience working with RTC!

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Cody McLain Reflects on Working with Round Table Companies

After working together for over a year to create Cody’s personal narrative, his writing team from RTC sat down to discuss the highs and lows in the writing process, his hopes and apprehensions on sending the book out into the world, his vision for creating impact through his story. We had fun doing it, we hope you have fun reading!

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"When I Met Corey, It Was Like a Breath of Fresh Air"

Listen in as Lori Darley shares her experience with her Round Table Companies writing team for her book, website development, branding, and finding new language for her mission in the world!

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Chris Cavanaugh-Simmons Reflects on Working with Round Table Companies

​As Chris Cavanaugh-Simmons was poised to launch a new website and branding effort, she talked with her RTC writing team about her experience working with Round Table Companies.

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