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Insights in Book Writing

The Hidden Stories

Many clients come to us with the story that they want to write. Then, the process starts and a whole world of stories they didn't know existed comes to life.

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How Far to the Finish Line?

Coaches aren't just for gym class or your favorite recreational sport. A writing coach can help you finish your book by listening, supporting, and guiding you all the way to very last page!

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Cracking Open: Unleashing Vulnerability

Vulnerability draws us together. It connects us all with the understanding that we are never alone. When we crack ourselves open, room is made for love and acceptance to be poured in.

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Insights in Event Experiences

Are You Asking the Right Question?

Do you want more of the same in your life or are you ready to manifest something new?

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Our Path to Purpose- Crowdsourced Poetry

At the Conscious Capitalism CEO Summit in Austin, October of 2017, Corey Blake crowdsourced a piece of poetry from attendees over the course of the two day event.

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Insights in Thought Leadership Platform

The First Step in Practicing Vulnerability

Want to put vulnerability into your daily life? Corey Blake shares how to take that first step in this YEC video.

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Facing Your Shadow

Corey shares how Gestalt is being used in some of the consultation work that we do. From the highs to the lows, there is love and gratefulness mixed into the journey.

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Core Value Power

Core values work is a huge piece of what we focus on at RTC to help individuals and organizations articulate what they stand for. When showcased well, core values force people to react with awesome attraction or equally powerful repulsion.

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Insights in RTC Testimonials

Gratitude and Words of Affirmation from Chad and Will

Chad Littlefield and Will Wise from We! share their gratitude for RTC. We are thrilled to have them as a trusted partner and a beautiful part of the RTC family.

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Feel the Love: A RTC Testimonial from Glenn Meier

​​Listen in as Glenn shares his experience working with Corey Blake as his coach and the beautiful love he has felt from the RTC family!

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​You Need to Get Your Story Told: A RTC Book & Publishing Testimonial

Carolynn Brooks shares the importance of family, trust, and integrity, which she found throughout her process with RTC.

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Insights in Corey's Book Journey

Grateful to Be the Weakest Link

Writing is a journey. A journey of joy, confusion, laughter, vulnerability, and sometimes, even tears. These feelings are not saved just for the client, our writers feel them too. They are what draw us together and help you to birth your story into the world.

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An Invitation

Corey has found disappointment and joy in his book journey. But he knows that this is the book he was born to write and with that, he has an invitation for you!

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Reading it Outloud!

The team is preparing to step into new territory with Corey's manuscript vision.

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Insights in Get to Know Us

World Traveler with a Big Heart: Meet RTC's Rebecca Nutt

From reading to singing, writing to coaching, Rebecca can do it all and she does it all with the beach as her backdrop!

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Textbook Libra and Feedback Phenom: Meet RTC's Ron Delaney Jr.

A straight shooter and an open book, Ron is ready to let you know what he thinks and tell you a bit about himself in the process.

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Portrait of an Artist: Meet RTC's Nathan Lueth

We all have that one job we want to have when we grow up. We dream about it, work towards it, and hope that we succeed. For RTC artist, Nathan Lueth, his dream became a reality! From caricatures to comics, he can do it all!

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Insights in Dose of Inspiration