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Kickoff / Interview / Vision / Outline

Our first goal is to drive the project towards a blueprint. Much like the construction of a home, your book needs a strong blueprint to ensure that we all know what we are building together.


Interviews / Intro / Chapters 1 & 2

Once the blueprint has been approved, the team moves into the process of capturing the voice of the book as it writes the introduction and first chapters.

Chapter Development

Interviews / Write / Edit [Repeat]

We consider the blueprint to be the book’s roadmap and the voice to be the vehicle, so once we have both in hand we hit the open road and move into chapter writing at a more feverish pace.

Full Manuscript Review

Compile / Edit / Layer

When a first full draft has been completed, the team dives back into the manuscript to layer with more depth.

Finishing Touches

Revisions / Final Details / Proofreading

Then the book is line edited multiple times before moving into proofreading and final approval.

Handoff Transition

Your house is built. It’s got the solid foundation, strong structure, the inner workings that give it depth, and everything you need to make the house into a home...except the decorations (packaging and publishing).

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Two Writers

Working with two writers increases the level of creativity on your project. Your writing team will be backed by RTC's operations staff and editorial team. Gain the benefit of a greater level of collaboration.

  • A collaborative team dynamic
  • Personal transformation
  • A product that allows you to make an impact

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Customized Package

With a customized book package tailored to your needs the sky is the limit! Your creative team is supported by RTC's operations staff as well as the editorial team.

  • A transformational book journey
  • Team collaboration to generate results that exceed the world’s expectations
  • An opportunity to be seen through the power of storytelling

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