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love affair with writing books

began early in the days of RTC, when Corey was pairing writers and business people for all kinds of writing projects: ebooks on foot fungus, articles on the benefits of chocolate, white papers on investing. And then Corey and Robert Renteria met one another. Robert believed he had a story to tell, and Corey wanted to paint that picture.

After ten years in business, we now offer a multitude of approaches to writing your book. For those who want to write themselves, we offer various coaching models. For those who want more in-depth support we offer customized plans ranging from working with a single writer to working with an entire team. When it comes to fiction and non-fiction book development, RTC operates like a production company: you bring us a vision and a budget, and we build the team and get to work.

Find the Right Package for You Within Our Book Development Services

Single Writer

Your RTC writer will be backed by our operations staff and editorial team. Unlike traditional ghostwriters who have to spend half their time running their business, your RTC writer is a full-time writer.

  • A partner to help you bring your story to life
  • An expert in your corner to drive you forward
  • The support of RTC behind you and your writer

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Two Writers

Working with two writers increases the level of creativity on your project. Your writing team will be backed by RTC's operations staff and editorial team. Gain the benefit of a greater level of collaboration.

  • A collaborative team dynamic
  • Personal transformation
  • A product that shifts you into a new future

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Full Team

Our premier service, this package invites the true magic of our book writing program: more momentum, more creativity, and more poetry to share your story with the world. Work with a writer who specializes in journalism, one who specializes in fiction, and an executive editor who will be in the trenches with the team throughout the process.

  • A transformational journey
  • Access to the poetry of your soul
  • A love letter to your family and the world

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