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Early Light Media Storyteller Spotlight: Corey Blake

This month for our Early Light Media Storyteller Spotlight series, we are highlighting Corey Blake, the founder of Round Table Companies (RTC). We recently collaborated with RTC to create a branded documentary "Vulnerability is Sexy," which explores Corey's company and personal mission to forge deeper connections through vulnerability.

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We Work on Humanity

Emotions abound at our Gestalt Weekend Experiences.

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What Is Vulnerability is Sexy?

In this video, “Vulnerability is Sexy,” Corey demonstrates the kind of deep questioning he guides audiences to engage in. This kind of reflection—unrehearsed, sincere, and sometimes even frightening—helps people to be seen in the world.

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Vulnerability is Sexy the Game in Action

Have you wondered what it is like to play the ‪Vulnerability is Sexy‬ game? Fifty executives found out at ‪Conscious Capitalism. It was an experience unlike any they had ever had. Want to experience the connection that you see in the video? Click below to find out more!

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The Vulnerability Wall

The Vulnerability Wall is an RTC original artistic installation for conferences. Your attendees share their fears and vulnerabilities around attending your event, their work and life’s mission, or their personal lives, letting go of those tensions so they can be more present at your event.

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