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Insights in Corey's Book Journey

Reading it Outloud!

The team is preparing to step into new territory with Corey's manuscript vision.

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Bleeding on the Table

Corey has been taking on the mood board and his team is preparing his manuscript vision. Both of these items are an important part of our process and requires the client and the writer to lay everything out on the table.

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Why Bumpers Aren’t Just for Bowling Lanes

The book writing journey is filled with strikes, spares, and even the occasional gutter ball. The mood board is there to help your team be ready with bumpers that will help to get your game back in the strike zone.

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I Be Trippin

Three weeks in and the depth of this call has taken an emotional toll on Corey. Not all bad, but definitely worth noting!

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A Swirl of Energy and Reflection

The team gives Corey the space to continue his exploration of loneliness and an awareness of when he feels alive!

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A Look Into Process

From the writer's point of view: The team aspect of this project leads to surprises each week!

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In Relationship with an Idea of Me

Now a few weeks in, Corey explores the path that the book is taking, the feelings that it is bringing up, and his need for a safe place.

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Mood Board, Connection, and Darkness

After Corey's first team call, he invites us into working through his mood board assignment and what he begins to explore within himself with the team.

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Here We Go! Corey Had His Book Kick off Call!

Listen in as Corey reflects on his kick off call with his team!

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